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We offer on site assesments starting at $65per hour. If its out of our general North Coastal area the is a slight surcharge for commuting.

On each visit we provide a outline of your landscape and create a general sketch of your landcape including notes of our descussion.

We also take any measurements, photos and notes regarding any existing irrigation, drainage, hardscape, features, etc.

Our goal is to lend our expertise and your ideas to create a trully unique outdoor living space.


Planting using organic materials and composted tea.

Hardscape: Pavestones, Walls, Flagstones, Drystreams, Ponds, Fountains, Firepits, and more.

Irrigation: Low water use sprayers, drip systems, and more.

Lighting: Pathlights, Floodlights, Uplights, Step lights, L.E.D lights.

Structures: Pregulas, Benches, Decks, & more.


On a ''as needed'' basis...

Pruning and tree timming.

Native plant trimming and care.

Lawn and edging.

Irrigation adjustments, testing, fixing.

Natural Fertilizing (compost tea).

Mulching and composting.

Rain harvesting tank care and testing.



Several rebate programs are in place to assist City of San Diego customers with outdoor and indoor water conservation efforts.     Find out more information here.



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